dimanche 10 juillet 2011

The Choice of the Board

Back to back surfing on saturday and sunday. Saturday was a medium grade surf session. I was struggling ! I was actively looking for a solution to shift my surfing up a notch. So I went back surfing today, and usually I take the go'ol 7'10" bertha NSP board.  Well, today, that board was not available. I had the choice between a 6'4", 6'8" and there was a broken 7'2" board in the corner. My friend Hugo proposed to fix that 7'2" board and it would take 30 minutes. So I said yes. I dont like short board they do not float enough for a tough guy like me. So 7'2" it was. The repair took a solid 42 minutes 37 seconds and I was in need of surfing.

What ensued was the best surfing session and a couple of findings about the logic of the board lenght. So, A shorter board is more responsive. The board allows for greater control in direction. Control is critical in river surfing. A more responsive surf board is good news. I've been surfing that wave for a while and I know what traps are to be avoided.  However , the 7'10" board was not responsive.  Alright, 7'10'' is ok to start with. It's floatability is unparalleled. But that's ok, once you understand the mechanics of surf equilibrium you can sacrifice float for control. That's right.

Now the next choice will be about the form of the board :fish ? quad ? Normal ? I really do not know. I know the answer will come and I will eventually end buying the right board for river surfing.
For now, this week I will be turning the surfing up a notch and I will embarking on a surf marathon, probably go 2-3 times after work in order to maximise the benefits of the new board. 

Good bye 7'10"

samedi 2 juillet 2011

Turning around !

Hello Australia :-)

Specific Message addressed to australian friends coming to Canada.  Montreal is a surf destination in summer time. The wave are not gold coast style, but you can still have plenty of fun with technical river surfing. Indeed, we Montrealers are open minded and we have a huge river to surf. That's right, huge. Bring your surf board here, we surf and they are quite expensive. Just wanted to let you guys know. :-)

Yesterday was a great surf session. I gambled that there would be less people during canada day, as everybody is moving here in Quebec because the renting contracts end on july the 1st. Booooya ! No one likes moving. Theses guys found an original way to take of the refrigerator... Gravity takes care of the rest.

Back to surfing, It was a beautiful day. And no one was there !! I had the whole wave to myself from 8:00 to 9:00 PM as I surfed with the sunset. Amazing, it felt eternal. No stress at all.
The wave is harder to surf as the water level is higher than normal. Congratulation to Robert D. for passing his first surf lesson, as of last week !!