jeudi 28 mai 2015

Season 5

The winter was brutal. From January until end of March, we had sustained windchill down to -20 celsius. That's very cold. Too cold to surf unless you are theses guys :

click to check video of guys winter surfing in Montreal on youtube

To the left of this page, I put three links.

First link is the temperature in Montreal.

Second link is the current intensity.

Third link is water temperature. (find montreal and click the colored circle...

All of this is for you to gage if the conditions are good to surf or not. I hate cold waters. Even with a wet suit.

Three good reasons to surf in Montreal


Montreal has a few good surf spots around the island that are accesible.

Permanence of wave

good weather,bad weather the waves are always there


The locals are nice. I have once lent my surfboard to a tourist who was dying to surf while whe was checking out the spot....

when the water will be around 20 degrees celsius, I will jump in. For now I will continue javascript learning modules on Codeacademy.

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Hello World !

I got this cool video from youtube I would like to share :

Image is a link to youtube!

So ? What do you think ? The right or Teahupoo ? I did not know "the right" existed before this vid !!!

mercredi 6 août 2014

I got surf.

Surfing is my sport. I went back today for the first time in a few months. Although I am  not the most disciplined surfer, I have gone through a few milestones. 

I am going to pass my drivers License on friday. Fingers crossed, after I will be able to rent a car and go on my own from time to time. This is a three year project in the making. Friday should be another milestone achieved.

The buzz is still there.

dimanche 28 avril 2013

Season 3 - Episode 1

Winter is now officially over !

Neighboors are walking around without coats, the birds are back, there is some green coming out of the trees.

This winter, I managed to forget about surfing.  It came back to me, it always does. Once you are in, you are in.

The water right now is sitting at a cold 7-8 Celsius (46 Farenheit), I am waiting for it to warm up at 10 Celsius, at least. Then it's time to suit-up !

 Next week-end. It's back :)

dimanche 25 décembre 2011

Merry Christmas, Bu

To all my readers from all over the world, I would like to wish you the best time with your families and friends. I wish you peace, warmth and properity for 2012. So here is a truly global statement :

Joyeux Noël, Geseënde Kersfees, Frohe Weihnachten,
.Շնորհավոր Սուրբ Ծնունդ:,শুভ বড়দিন, З Калядамі,Весела Коледа,
 Bon Nadal, 圣诞快乐, 메리 크리스마스, jwaye nowèl,Sretan Božić
Glædelig jul, ¡Feliz Navidad, Häid jõule, Hyvää Joulua, Bo Nadal,
Nadolig Llawen, შობა, Καλά Χριστούγεννα, મેરી ક્રિસમસ,
मेरी क्रिसमस, Boldog Karácsonyt, Selamat Hari Natal, Nollaig Shona,
Gleðileg jól, Buon Natale, メリークリスマス, ಮೆರ್ರಿ ಕ್ರಿಸ್ಮಸ್, Lorem Nativitatis
Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus, God jul, С Рождеством, สุขสันต์วันคริสมาสต์
Mutlu Noeller, Feliz Natal !

jeudi 1 décembre 2011

Matt Meola

This is an incredibly massive surf attack video. It's aggressive, it's artistic, the music is excellent. The surf is absolutely beyond phenomenal. This kid is on the right track. It's fun and uplifting.
Good job el gros, watch tes pipes.